An English road trip: Brighton

Brighton was my favourite holiday stop. Good vibes all around, good shops, good food, and most of all, a pretty groovy B&B that I picked months ago and was really looking forward to. Would you like to see why?

Because it was all vintagey and groovy without being a hipster trap. At least I hope. We're not hipsters are we? We did buy an Eames chair while we were here...maybe we're just hipsters in Brighton because we're certainly no way near cool enough for the Paris hipsters.

Anyway. Snooze is the name of this lovely little house. 

On to the pier? We got here towards the end of the day and walked into town just in time to catch the sunset. I've got 50 pictures of that sunset but I'll try to show you only the nicest ones because I like that my blog statistics are through the roof at the moment and I want it to stay that way. There's nothing more boring than having to look at other people's holiday photos for hours and hours.

And suddenly the sun is gone and you're on the pier and everything feels a little bit scary and desolate like in a teen-horror-movie...

So you head into town for food and drinks and a jolly good night.

And the next morning after a hearty breakfast you do some more exploring

Now I've already written a quick post about this but if you've missed it it's here. This little tea room proudly announced that it sold vintage furniture downstairs so in we went...

I spotted the Eames chair from across the room thanks to my supersonic vision. I gasped at the tiny pricetag, took it upstairs, whipped out my mastercard, felt that little purchase high, then quickly took it back to the car to hide it under our increasing amount of stuff. Ta-daaa! Read the other post to find out how I sold it in Paris for double the amount I paid for it. Sometimes it pays to live in a stupidly expensive suburb. Not often, though.

After that bit of excitement we needed a relaxing walk along the beach.

 We found Nemo!!

Ready for a cuppa? This one of the only places in my holiday-planning post that I actually made it to. I wasn't disappointed. Although true to self I forgot to take a picture of the outside...

The waitress photobombed my pic of the fireplace but I think it turned out quite good in the end. And yes, I had cake for lunch and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Just look at that cake.

Check out the loo that's across the courtyard. Vintage much?

Right, one last shopping session in Kensington street where I found my lovely little nesting boxes mentionned in this post

And we were off to Eastbourne aka. Eastboring, stopping to take a millions pictures of Beachy Head on the way. More on that next time!



  1. Hey! Thank You so much for choosing me to pass The Liebster Award along to! What a wonderful surprise and honour.

    Loving these photos of Brighton. Even though it's where I live and walk through everyday I find it most interesting to see it through visitors eyes.

    Hope our fair city treated you well during your stay, and I look forward to reading more about your adventures soon.

    By the way, Kevin Richardson was also my favourite Backstreet Boy.

    Happy New Year and Best Wishes, Mici.

  2. Ces photos m'ont donné envie de faire d'autres ornements sur Brighton, et de retourner là-bas !