An English road trip: Bexhill-on-sea

When I told one of my aunts we were going to Bexhill she seemed a bit surprised and said it was a town full of oldies with not much going on. After the Eastboring experience I was quite worried, thinking Bexhill would be even worse as it is much smaller, but it turned out to be quite a charming little place with...wait for it...lots of good charity shops (evidence here)!!

It helped that it was "French" market day when we arrived.

And that we were able to sit out on a lovely sunny terrace and do some (admittedly old) people-watching while sipping decappuccino. 

Don't quite know what to say about this shop, I just had to post it because of its name

This is where I almost sliced my feet open trying to walk barefoot on the beach. Sounds romantic? Well it isn't.

I'd much rather buy one of these pretty houses facing the sea.

Although maybe this one is a bit too OCD for me. Look at that lawn!

I think the inhabitants of Bexhill-on-sea like a good wordplay. And so do I.

Time for a beer and a last little walk along the beach before...

... fish and chiiiiiips! Our first and last of the holiday! Really good, too!

Followed by a wild night playing billiards, not bad for our last day of holiday.

Next morning was a bit less fun having to catch the ferry, but at least this time it wasn't late and after a grey and uneventfull trip we were home safe and sound and happy to unpack our little treasures.

Actually I might just go and dig out that last packed of Digestives and put the kettle on for some tea...

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  1. I am awkwardly drooling over the fish and chips. When I traveled to London years ago, it’s allll I would eat. Haha. Hooray for being adventurous right? ;)