Bag lady

I have entered the crazy and dangerous zone of bag envy.
No, really I've already splurged on one of these and left the zone with much less money and much more bag than I can probably handle. 

Can you guess which one I bought?

First, we have this one. On the plus side: it involves neon! But it's quite small and wouldn't carry much. Nice for an evening out, though.

This one spent about two weeks in my shopping cart, but I never took the plunge. I couldn't find ANY information on its size and I'm not a bit risk taker, so there.

This is a classic, but I didn't want a classic, I wanted something different and fun and classy.
 Did I mention that I am all over ombre? This one is nice and roomy but doesn't look quite right to me. I can imagine it losing its shape very easily.
THIS is the bag I have been coveting for over a year, only last year I didn't want to splurge and this year I do! (after looking for it all over the place, ordering a similar one only to be sent the wrong colour, sending it back, waiting 4 months for a replacement, never receiving it, asking for a refund which I am still waiting for...) Long story short, it was now or never! I wouldn't usually spend this much on a bag so lets hope the quality is amazing and it lasts me for years. 

All these bags were found here and here, just in case you feel like splurging too!

In my next post I will tell you all about my love for ombre and how I bought an ombre scarf to turn it into a curtain for my bedroom!

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  1. i have been on a bag hunt for months! i love the last one! might be splurging soon, too!