I wanna rock with you

The first surprise of my surprise weekend was this:

A real vintage Herman Miller rocker!!!
(sorry for the bad photo quality, Blackberry camera phones...)

I spotted an identical chair at a brocante in Paris last weekend but couldn't make up my mind whether or not to splurge (I'm very very slow about this kind of thing), so I took the seller's card and decided if the chair was still available on monday I would take it. Well Boyfriend took matters into his own hands and surprised me with it (insert collective "awwww")! I love the dark walnut legs and the fact that white of the seat hasn't turned yellow with time. It's different from all the other Eames chairs I've seen before and I love it even more since it came as a surprise AND as a present. 

Isn't it a beauty ? So friendly and inviting! Although Charlie (yes it has a name, no I'm not mad) is too low to be used as a deskchair on a permanent basis, this will be its spot for the next couple of weeks. It might go in the bedroom after that, or in the little reading nook in the dining room, who knows? One thing is for sure: Charlie is here to stay!!!

Pssst! I'm preparing a post on my surprise weekend getaway to the sweetest Parisian suburb so stay tuned!

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