Surprise weekend

And the surprise destination was (drumroll).....

Saint Germain-en-laye! Also known as a very quaint parisian suburb. Actually it almost felt like a seaside town with its trendy little shops, friendly inhabitants and affordable restaurants, except there's no sea. BUT there is a forest that starts right in the Château gardens, so there's that.

I'll try to sum up the weekend in pictures. It seems to have involved lots of food:



brunch (REAL English scones! yum!)

A bit of culture, thanks to a Debussy concert and the European Night of Museums which meant we had a wild saturday night visiting the Château-turned-archeology museum until 11PM (after dining on wine and cheese. Needless to say I was dragging myself around that château). On sunday we even tried out an organ concert and learned how organs work! Pretty complicated stuff...I may have nodded off for a minute...

And a healthy amount of shopping! Something that really got my attention in St Germain was the shop windows and how beautiful they were:

The sweetest tea shop (complete with grumpy old lady inside!)

The yummiest cheese shop


This is a bakery/cooking school where lots of little children were learning how to bake macaroons. Un cliché s'il-vous-plaît !

We had to sample a mini cherry tart from the cooking school. Oh and some chocolate from a local artisan.

Add all this to the champagne in our hotel room and you've got yourself a recipe for a perfectly yummy (cloudy) weekend!

Next I'll tell you all about the flea market we came across and what we took home with us!


  1. This post is making me hungry, very hungry ... There's a reason I gain weight whenever I spend the smallest amount of time in Europe.

  2. So excited to find your blog, too. I can already tell that I will be living vicariously through your photos!

    Shannon Darrough