What's mine is yours

I was doing some sorting out last weekend and I found this little Mexican rug/throw/poncho left behind by my friend Alex during our house warming party almost one year ago. Yes, that's how long it's been!! I actually saw him once for lunch since but forgot his blanket. Oh well, I've decided to put it to good use on my bed. Does it go with the neon vibe or not? I can't quite decide. 

 I'm starting off small so you don't get a shock (don't mind the slippers I pinched from the Windsor hotel in Rio, I like to throw on my bathrobe from time to time and pretend my flat is a posh hotel room. I also like to casually mention that I've been to Rio. For free. And that I shared a hotel with Prince Harry. And a pool on the 39th floor. Yep. Copacabanaaaaaaa! Gotta love my job)

  A little more...

 Almost there...


So? Can we keep it? Thoughts and opinions please :) 

Oh and Alex, if you're reading this, you have exactly 3 weeks left to come for your blanky. After that it will be one year and one day since you left it with me and according to French law, Blankino will be mine...

Erm, I just remembered my ombre promise...oh well, maybe tomorow!


  1. This looks interesting!! :)

  2. Thanks Door Seven :) your blog is so cute!