Waste not want not / Neon addiction continues

I feel a recycling vibe coming along. 
It involves pink neon paint.
And an empty hair conditioner tub.
Oh and an empty coffee tub, left over wrapping paper from a trip to Brazil, Decopatch varnish glue (also known as Mod Podge, at least I think), and ribbon!



Start with: 

Yes, sorry, I forgot to take any before photos of my actual tubs, but I promise these are the ones!

Add a little time and imagination and you will have...

                     Voil√†! One cute little pink Pot and one useful and stylish Tiger Tub

But wait!

There's more!

I present you...the repurposed neon pink planter:

 (notice that I didn't go with a "pink panther" pun. You may congratulate me)

And the...errrr...storage tub! No surprises here, just that you can get a decent amount of stuff in there if you end up with virtually no other bedside storage like me.

Here is Pot with his new friend Tilo the Tillandsia, those two are pretty low maintenance. They're currently enjoying the view of the terrace. Don't forget to drill little holes in the bottom of the planter for drainage!

Oh to be a tiny succulent in a little pink pot...how dreamy.

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