Broke aunts and rich uncles

No surprise weekend would have been complete without a surprise brocante. We stumbled across this one on saturday morning while hunting for breakfast and coffee in Saint Germain en Laye. It was held by the members of the Lion's club (hence the "rich uncles". Why are the members of this organisation always old and very wealthy looking?) and although it wasn't huge I did find two new friends:

My search for a bowl/plate/trinket box for my nightstand had been going on for too long, so when I spotted this little porcelain box for 2 Euro I was sold. It says "hand painted in Portugal" on the underneath. I like things that are well-travelled! 

Here it is from up close:

I'd like to add that I've started writing in my One line a day diary after being scared of it for a couple of months. What I haven't got anything to say about my day?  I suppose I could always talk about my blog stats!

This 1 Euro BAR B.Q. Sauce jar was so cheerful I just had to have it! When I got home and cleaned it I discovered a gross little brush glued to the inside of the lid... luckily it was easy to pull off. Remains of old dried up barbecue sauce anyone? I didn't think so.

Boyfriend has officially caught my thrifting fever and made his first purchase! Granted he made it in an antique shop and not on a flea market stall, but it could just as well have come from a "vide-grenier" (aka. "empty-out-your-attic", it looks like French people store their junk in the attic as opposed to their garages).

 At 15 Euro it was a bit expensive for a decoration but it is extremely clean and the label is in pretty good condition. You can even see the old price! I think he's itching to start a collection now. I wonder if I'll be allowed to use it as a vase now and again?

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