You might have glimpsed a bit of the balcony in my previous post, if so you might have seen a bit of this: 

 A few weeks ago while we were grocery shopping, just as spring was beginning to show its (guilty) face, Boyfriend and I came across these cute and cheap planters and though: why the hell not?? Let's have some flowers in our home! We bought 3 ready grown African Daisies (Bf's favourite) and two different types of bulbs: ranunculous and freesias (my favourite)

 I let Bf do the planting, can you tell? 

I can just imagine him standing on the other side of the terrace and throwing the bulbs into the planters. Oh well, so far they seem to be growing and that's all I care about. There's nothing more frustrating than planting things that never come up!

I'll show you more once we actually have flowers!

Oh and this is my miniature white rose bush that I got as a house warming present last year. I forgot to prune it in the spring. What do you think, will it flower? Should I cut it back now? I haven't got a clue...

Are you still waiting for my post about Strasbourg? So am I... hopefully tonight! If not it will just have to wait since I'm off to Barcelona for the weekend with my colleagues! Free weekend trips that don't involve work or team building but that DO involve Sangria? Yes please :) I've said it before but I'll say it again: I love my job!

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