Spanish influences

Ola conejos!

How do you say sorry in Spanish? What I want to say is: muchos sorry for how late my next blog posts will be! (notice I'm apologising in advance for being late)

The thing is, I had a great great weekend, but our trip home was a bit rough. Our flight was delayed by over 2 hours due to a huge storm and because of this we were diverted to Roissy airport instead of Orly, meaning instead of Seb picking me up and driving 10 minutes to get home, I had to share a taxi with 4 colleagues, ride all the way across Paris and wait for Seb to pick me up about 20 minutes drive from home. I'll spare you the details of the horrible taxi driver and our hunt for petrol on the way home: I went to bed at 3 AM, for the 3rd night in a row, and guess what. Yesterday morning when my alarm rang on my Blackberry I literally spent ten minutes trying to switch it off by tapping on the screen. Blackberries aren't tactile. Yes, that's how tired I was. I took the morning off to get some sleep, but I still feel rotten. Not mucho fun.

You might get a post about my shopping envy today, though you'll have to be patient for the one on Barcelona... and the one on Strasbourg... and the one on my next furniture revamp that will take place this weekend (yay!).

Stayo tunedo !


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