Growth - Part 2 - the good the bad and the ugly

In my last post about growth I showed you what plants we bought and what bulbs we planted, thinking we would have a nice flowery balcony this summer. 

Since that post, we've had some good:
No other Freesia bulbs came up, but those that did seem to be growing pretty tall and haven't been eaten by mysterious bugs, which can't be said about everything else...

Some bad:
Yes, this is all that's left of the Ranunculus...I'm very disappointed. The leaves just went all yellow and died and then were eaten by something. Sad face.

Some not too bad but a bit ugly:
All the initial flowers on my African daisies have died, new buds are starting to open but there's so little light that their stems are really long and I think the flowers will be tiny. At least they are alive though!

So far we're far from the pretty little garden I was expecting! I blame the horrible weather, and maybe my poor gardening skills a little. But mainly just the weather. Maybe I should go back to planting nasturtiums like we had in our previous garden. They would go crazy and cover every inch of ground, stopping to die only when the first snow covered them. Easy-peasy to grow too. I hope it's not too late to sew some. 

Oh yes, this weekend we made a few changes to the balcony and the terrace, and we plan to make even more in the next couple of weeks! pictures to follow!

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