Los conejos en vacancia - part 2 - architecture

Ok, so we've seen sone design stuff, but you haven't seen half, or even a quarter of what Barcelona has to offer on every street: amazing architecture. I spent the first evening just walking around with my nose in the air, staring and taking pictures of every single building. Luckily for you, I chose only the best pics. Here goes:

I've never seen such a diversity of styles in one place.

Here come the close-ups:

So dreamy.

I'm loving the prison vibe.

Ready for some weirdness?

Do you see what I see?

Funniest gargoyles ever:

A unicorn, a cow, and a platypus. What else?

Who copied who? 

So many colours.

Again: who copied who?

 This is the courtyard that leads to the Temple d'August. People live in all the surrounding buildings. Crazy.

Ready for a lie down?

I'll just finish with some random pics I like

More tomorrow!

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