Girl put the kettle on

I'm feeling very British and rather jubilant today

I'm also wishing I lived in England so that I could join in the fun and not go to work, but since I can't I figured a virtual Jubilee shopping wishlist would be fun.
Found here

Now this mug is tasteful

What would a post be without some vintage?
Jubilee tea towel that makes me hungry

I think the truth is that this jubilee is just a pretty good excuse to party and eat delicious food. I've been craving a soft boiled egg with butter and Marmite soldiers since yesterday but somebody went and hard boiled ALL the eggs while I wasn't looking. The cheek. I might have to bake some scones this weekend and drop in at Marks & Spencers for some real clotted cream to make up for it.

Everytime I think of the Queen, I think of Eddie.

Meanwhile, I'm seriously doubting my shopping abilities. Can you believe I didn't buy a single item of clothing in Barcelona? Nor any little antique-y objects? I know, shocking. I did bring back some Turron, Jamon, and beer though. Can you tell I missed Boyfriend?

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  1. Shame not to have been able to participate in the jubilee fun! I wonder if the Queen will understand why she reminds you of Eddie when she reads your blog? (I'm sure Eddie will understand!)

    Mmmmmm, home made scones and clotted cream!