Los conejos en vacancia - Part 4 - shopping

This is hard for me, but I'll say it again just for the sake of good communication: I did not buy anything in Barcelona (food doesn't count as we all know it disappeared within 5 minutes of me stepping through the front door). Nothing. Nada, zilch, nix, zero cents spent. 

There. Now I feel better and I can start firing some excuses at you: I was with a group of people (including nice boys, but still boys, and most importantly, geeky boys) who weren't into shopping. Also, two days is very short, especially when the second day is a sunday and all the shops are closed. I spotted a flea market but nobody else wanted to stop and I can understand how boring it would have been for them, so I let it go. I know I'll be going back with Boyfriend anyway so it's not a big deal. I do want to show you some of the shops I saw though, just to be a good blogger:

Very funky second hand shop with very funky prices.

Desigual is a Spanish clothes shop that definitely hasn't been hit by the recession: there's one every fifty metres. I'm hardly exaggerating.

 I love hat shops.

There were several beautiful looking antique shops near our hotel but I didn't dare go inside. Too intimidating!

Let's see, what else?

The flea market. Sigh. It looked so promising!

Even the habitat shop had killer style. Go aubergine.

The famous Spanish department store. I didn't even go inside. Shame on me!

 Every now and then you see a shop window you just can't resist snapping a bad photo of as you walk by.

See what I mean?

Luckily, Hello Kitty will always be there to cheer you up and take your mind off leopard print. Or not. Do these people look disgruntled to you? I guess Hello Kitty doesn't do it for everyone.

Right, I'm nearly done with Barcelona! Just one last post with the theme: random pictures of nothing in particular.

Stay tuned!

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