Los conejos en vacancia - part 1 - hotel

It would take too long to explain my adventures in detail so I'm going to go with a bunch of my favourite pictures in random order. Don't worry, there will be some kind of theme for each post (design, LOADS of beautiful architecture, food, fun bits, etc., you know what my main interests are, don't you?).

Let's start with my favourite: interior design!

Our hotel was extremely pretty, in an old and well-preserved art deco building with lots of pretty furniture in the lobby area and a mini swimming-pool on the top floor! Ready for the random selection?

On to the bedroom:

More like a mini suite really, since there was a little dressing room with a sofa and a minibar, etc.

Want to see the view?

That's about it for the hotel, more posts to come with lots more pics! I'm having a hard time editing photos as there are so many things I'd like to show!

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