My order came! My order came!

Now I'm really ready for summer.

The outside:

sorry for the dark photo, I just couldn't resits using Charlie as a prop. I LOVE this satchel. It was on super sale and it's surprisingly well made. Lots of pockets too, and room for my umbrella, look:

The inside:

I wanted a lighter quilt for our guest room and this one is perfect (this room is also his office so everything that goes into it needs his seal of approval). It helps to bring a bit of life to the room. As we're renting and the wall on the far side is concrete we don't really want to be drilling huge holes in it to hang stuff, and as much as I would love to paint the walls, I just don't know how long we'll be staying to I can't decide whether it's worth it or not. Although given the state of the white we'll probably be forced to repaint before we move out anyway. Hmmmm, maybe I've just found an excuse to paint some walls!

See how the colours tie in nicely with the mustard lampshade and the burgundy around the painting? I love that painting, it was given to me by my aunt a couple of years ago and was painted by my uncle's aunt (are you still following?). Boyfriend thinks the girl is a bride about to get married but I think she's a dancer waiting for her turn to go out and perform. 

Close up?

What do you think?

And the other side (of the channel):

Or just in case I decide to throw a garden party in honour of the Queen. Not that any of my French friends would attend, being too scared of the "'orribel inglish food, beurk! Jelly wiz marmalade! Bif wiz mint sauce! Marmayte!". Yay for misconceptions.

Want to know what I didn't buy?

Yup, you've got to hand it to me: I know when to stop shopping.

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