Itchy (athlete's) feet

I went for a run yesterday evening.

(Dear reader who doesn't know me personally and who's jaw hasn't hit the floor yet: please be very surprised.)

The amazing part is that I actually enjoyed it. Well, some of it. Boyfriend took me along the Seine, we walked for 10 mins to warm up, then we stretched. His stretching methods make me feel like a total idiot by the way: weird bird-like movements that don't seem to pull on ANY of my muscles. I ended up switching into yoga poses. Can you imagine us by the side of the road, one giant flapping flamingo and one crazy yogi, with cars driving by blowing their horns at us? No? Well it happened!

We were out for nearly and hour, and I think I ran for about 20 mins total. Don't judge, I'm only a baby runner, and an asthmatic one at that! I stretched like crazy after, and I felt GOOD. I slept like a baby too. But the BEST part is that this morning my legs aren't sore. They feel a bit stiff, but I'm not in any pain. I feel healthy and groovy and I want to go again.

I'm hoping that somehow my body will get hooked and that I will feel the urge to go running several times a week, at least until all the Thornton's Brazil nut toffee that someone brought into the office has gone (from my bum).

On an unrelated topic, I'm planning our British road trip for september and I'm all excited. I can't wait to show Boyfriend the white cliffs of Dover, the little village in Norfolk where I remember fishing for crabs as a child, eating ice cream on the Brighton pier, and discovering lots of new places with him!  

 Hopefully I'll be able to tell you more in the next few days !

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