Five minute man

This post will be short and sweet. It involves two of my current favourites: neon and ombre. Hopefully by the time you've finished reading it, the pun in the title will have become obvious. Just in case it isn't (I know my sense of humour is a bit odd), I will provide a detailed explanation below.

Take an empty hair conditionner tub (or two, but it turns out I didn't do anything with the one on the right):

Whip out your trusty foam roller and your beloved tube of neon pink paint and let your imagination run wild for five minutes:


Notice I didn't turn this one into a planter. I don't know what it will be yet, a little jewellery box maybe. 

Now do you get it? 
Five minute man. 
Man in Spanish = hombre
Hombre = ombre (almost)
Five minute ombre!

You're welcome.

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