Summer bucket list

Hello Summer!!!!

I'm so glad you're here! I hope to make all my Summer dreams come true this year. Want to know what they are? 

- have at least one big picnic involving friends and blankets and wine and naps
- go to lots of flea markets
- go somewhere I've never been and do something I've never done
- complete at least 3 before/afters (2 are already planned, I just need to find time to actually do them)
- meet up with old friends
- maybe a garden party if I can find a free weekend
- go to the cinema (air con! Plus lots intellectually challenging films are coming out soon, such as Lorax, Ice Age 4, etc.)
- make at least 5 recipes from my Pinterest board (I know, so ambitious)
- continue re-reading my favourite books from childhood. I've read the Witch of Blackbird Pond and Anne of Green Gables in the last two weeks, next up, my all time favourite: Little Women!

What else? Lots of happy hours in Parisian bars, maybe a bottle of wine on the île saint louis along the Seine...

Most of all though, I'm looking forward to our UK road trip! Spending time with family (are you reading, Greenwoods?) and discovering the English countryside, eating yummy food and taking pictures. Hopefully by this time tomorow the ferry will be booked and I'll be able to start doing some real planning.

Hooray for summer!!!

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