Los conejos en vacancia - Part 5 - random fun

Just a few more photos of Barcelona that I had to post because they're fun:

 I'm guessing this little girl was a tourist and that she threw a tantrum in one of the souvenir shops so that her parents would buy her this dress, I doubt any little girl living in Barcelona would be caught dead in one of those, if only because nylon isn't ideal for 30° weather.

 Portishead have changed a lot in recent years.

 A giant lobster watching over you as you walk across to the beach. Great.

Don't lean on the 1,500 kilo Buddha, please. He might fall over. 

Brain eater.

We spent ten minutes watching these little cardboard simpson things and trying to figure out how they work. They jump up an down to the beat of the music, there's a magnet stuck to their backs, and their legs are made of string with a piece of metal at the end. I still don't understand what keeps them standing up.

 An Irish pub!!!!

 The Spanish Harry Potter. He's obviously not been wearing suncream.

 Caroline street!

We haven't had a "Barcelona by night" session, so here goes:
When you leave a too-trendy-to-be-fun nightclub at 3AM on a sunday morning only to find you are facing the beach and the moon is out, your first thought is: "oooooh pretty!"

 Your second thought as you stroll along the beach is also "oooh, pretty".

But your third (and probably last, for some people) thought as you see a heard of tractors coming straight at you is "aaaaarghlfqfqefqqsedqzedqzequé?". I'm all for clean beaches, but come on, one minute the beach is packed and the next everybody is running for their lives. Completely loco! 

 Since nobody has complained about my many Barcelona posts so far I'm doing one last one on Gaudi. Get ready for some very bad puns.

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