Guest post: getting da rust off from da sword

Hi ! I'm Boyfriend. I haven't got a name. I'm just Boyfriend. As my bunny said, I bought a sword at a flea market last sunday. I don't know yet if it's a 14th century sword or a copy, an "épée d'apparat" or a real killing machine, but one thing is sure: to have your own sword in your hands is an undescribable thing, a very confusing sensation (something to do with male weaknesses and my love for history). I did some research to know how to clean it. This sword was full of rust. See for yourself:

I found some advice on the Internet and I went to Leroy Merlin (a french DYI store)
to buy all this:

I started with protections: long shirt, plastic glasses and those lovely gloves (Oops! I haven't got my green dress on today). Then I put my sword on the kitchen sink and started to rub the blade with stinky deoxydizer and a piece of steel sponge. After many efforts, sweat and a arm like a stone, I used a regular sponge to remove all the rust off the sword (the pommel needed a brush), and tried again to clean every little part of my new toy. It was difficult as hell. But, after five rounds (grip, cross-guard and pommel were very hard to manage), I washed up with some bicarbonate of soda to stop the action of the deoxydizer and, after that, used a bit of washing up liquid to make sure the work is done, and tadah!!!!

Quite a lot better, isn't it? But sadly dry, for a sword... it needed something special to make it shine. As I hadn't got any dark age grease, I had an idea. Why can't I use some of this stuff wich make my guitar string nice and smooth? 

After some more tender and sweet treatment, the sword was ready to be photographed!

The last step before applying the varnish (I have to wait a few weeks before doing it) was to dry the pommel (warning, homemade system):

I would like to thank my bunny for inviting me on her blog. Excuse my English, I'm from the centre of France, where people don't even talk proper French... 

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  1. Jolly good ! This is awesome! My weapon will be a flail (the two handed one, please).