To do list

My Before & After list just got a whole lot longer. 

It already included:

- making this into a pretty and durable flower box and/or bench (without the upholstery)

-making this into something we can hang our clothes over in the bedroom:

This came from the late night flea market near Fontainebleau that we went to a couple of weeks ago. It's called a prie dieu in French. And guess what. It's called a prie dieu in English too!

(Now before we go on, I need to apologize in advance for the crappy pictures, it was really late and I didn't have any room to set up this furniture anyway so decided dark hallway and random balcony pictures were the best I could do.)

And since this weekend's trip to the Emmaüs sale in Paris, my list now includes:

- finding a place for this

I'm thinking the bathroom. Add a funky coloured cable and maybe a fun lightbulb for groovy disco vibes.

- some sanding and painting and hopefully a sale for this tray table. I'll try not to ruin it with gold and neon chevrons. Although it could hardly be uglier than it is now. There's something about seing a fish the size of a beach house the size of a sailboat that just makes me cringe.

- even MORE sanding and painting and loving (and keeping!). Isn't this the cutest piece of furniture you've ever seen?

Tiny cupboard: check
Rounded shape: check
Potential: checkcheckcheck.

I'm not sure what it is really, a desk? A bookshelf? Anyway I'm guessing it was in a child's room, and I'm guessing the child was properly freaked out by captain hook:

Seriously though. Who would do that to a child? 

I think I'm ready for a trip to Castorama (etym. 'Castor'= beaver, small fury animal who loves DYI, and 'rama' as in bananarama= let's go bananas and make stuff ourselves).

None of this is likely to get done anytime soon though as we are driving off to Tours for the weekend to stay with some friends! They've just about finished renovating a cute townhouse they bought last year and I can't wait to see the finished result!! Watch this space.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot! Small update on the sword: Boyfriend thought it deserved another cleaning, this time with cloric acid. Let's just say, frustration and late nights are making me dislike his newfound love for medieval weapons.

Happy weekend little bunnies!!

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  1. Hello, The kid's furniture thing is strange, must have been a head board for a tiny bed? The pic is a bit scary though as you say! Will be nice to see what you make of it!
    Have fun