Chevron gone wrong

I could have named this post "Before & disafter" or "Chev-wrong", or even "chev-gone-horribly-wrong". Pick whichever you like best.

Remember this guy?

Who got chevronned?

Then he got replaced.

So I decided I no longer needed him and I put him up for sale. Only I wanted to add a bit of bling before I sold him, thinking I might get more than 5 euro for him if I did. This is when everything started going terribly wrong. See for some reason I thought a pop of neon would help freshen up the gold chevrons. Boy was I WRONG.

 See what I mean? No?

How about this one?

Not pretty.I've kept this pic small to spare your eyes but the neon really does a great job of highlighting all the flaws in the gold (which looked fine before). Plus my masking tape pulled some kind of trick on me and I ended up with a big white gap in the gold that wasn't there before. Very strange.

Surprisingly, I haven't sold it yet. A couple of people have emailed me about it though, and haven't said anything nasty. I guess they must be colourblind.

I'm going to go ahead and NOT add this one to my Before & After section. Yuck. 

Luckily, the weekend is off to a good start. Cocktails at Boyfriend's old school in Paris tonight, a surprise day out tomorow (as long as it's not horse riding I'm sure I'll love it) and a huge salvation army sale with friends on sunday (more info here), followed by more drinks! 

xxx have a great weekend little bunnies xxx

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